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Bronze Medallion & SRC Course


Welcome, this is the program for your Bronze Medallion and Surf Rescue Course. This course is the next step in your Lifesaving Progression.

Whether you choose to become a Lifeguard for a job, patrol only on weekends, become a Doctor or a Rescue Helicopter pilot, all of this training can hold you in good stead for your many areas of interest in your future. We hear many stories of how Surf Club Training gave people the confidence and knowledge to begin new chapters of fun and enjoyment in their lives.

After completing this course you will be a very valuable member of our Patrolling Crew. This course is one of many which are available to you through the enormous organization called Surf Life Saving. The Club has a lovely homely and welcoming feel, I hope you will come and share it with us. Congratulations on continuing or starting with Surf Club!

Your course will be taught to you by many of the familiar faces around the club such as Club Captain John Goodman, Dee Westland and Ruth Hannett who look after the Training, and Patrol Captain Brian Markham.

The course will take 6 days, spread out over 2 months. At the completion of the course, you will have a qualification that you can use Australia-wide at any Surf Club.

There is a lot of information and skills to be gained throughout the course so your time commitment is required, every session must be attended.

In order to make this happen, you will have to be responsible for acquiring a high level of fitness yourself!

· Our course will involve theory and water sessions on each day, as noted on the dates below.

· Come prepared with sunscreen, hat, water, swimwear & towel. Lunch will be provided.

· You will need to have done your theory prior to the course so you can gain the most out of our valuable time together (see instructions below for Theory).


· You need to be a current financial member of the club.

· You need to be able to swim 400m in under 9 minutes (or be working seriously on it) for Bronze, or 200m in under 5 minutes for Surf Rescue Certificate.

· You will need a Lifesaving Online members account in order to begin the course (see below)

· Bronze Medallion & SRC members over 18 need to obtain a Blue Card

Both Bronze & SRC courses will run together with the same time commitment.


SESSION 1: Saturday May 7th 9.00am-4.30pm

Pool Swim: 9.00 a.m. at Sheraton Country Club Pool.

Pre-requisite: You need to be able to swim 400m in under 9 minutes for the Bronze Course; 200m in under 5 minutes for the Surf Rescue Certificate.

We will also practice unconscious victim handling in the pool.

SESSION 2: Saturday 14th May 9.00am-4.30pm

Ocean and club training room.

Please bring a Printout of the completed Bronze online exam results and hand it in today.

SESSION 3: FIRST AID Saturday 28th May 9.00am-4.30pm

First Aid Course: 9.00am at the Club Training Room, please wear comfortable clothes If you already have a current First Aid Certificate please forward a copy to Ruth, and you are not required to attend today.

SESSION 4: Sunday 19th June 8.30am-4.00pm

Start at Patrol hut to set up beach, Then Ocean/training room

SESSION 5: Saturday 25th June 9.00am-4.30pm

Ocean and training room.

SESSION 6: Sunday 10th July ASSESSMENT DAY 9.00am-4.30pm

Ocean and training room.

Final Assessment of all skills gained including; Run/swim/run, rescues, board rescue, resuscitation and scenarios.


It is a requirement for Candidates over 18 years of age to have a current Blue Card. Apply here: Insert your Qld Drivers licence details in the top fields.

Complete the details and you will receive a member account number – forward this to our admin so that we can confirm with Blue Card Services you are a SLS member.


Go to and obtain your USI number, or you may already have this. Record in a safe place, and also advise


Create a members account with Surf Life Saving Record your username and password safely. If you already have an account but can’t recall your username, contact If you can’t recall your password – click on the blue hyperlink on the login page and reset your password. You will use your members account to do your online theory (once enrolled), and for renewing your membership with Port Douglas SLS in the future.


Go to and register. You are required to complete this registration prior to attending your session (whether that be your First Aid, or Bronze/SRC). This will register you in the SLSQ system, however not enrol you in a course.

Please note the Employer Details are our Club: Port Douglas SLSC. Also your Name needs to be the same as recorded on the USI website, case sensitive.


Once you have registered you can log into your Members Account, and enrol in your Bronze or SRC course. This will give you access to your online theory and assessments. Please note this is only for your Bronze/SRC and NOT for your First Aid, please ensure you notify Ruth of your attendance for the First Aid Course..

Login here:


Once logged in you can Purchase the Public Aquatic Safety manual - which is the E-book and is background text for this course. It costs $10. Click on Memberships/member store and you should see the $10 manual there - pay for it via credit card in the shopping cart.

THEN on your smart phone or tablet, download the SLS Publications app (not the sports app). When you log in with your members account user name and password - you will see the book is there available to read and refer to with this and future courses.

Secondly - you need to access other Theory modules and do the Online Assessments.

Log in to your members account:

Select Elearning/Log into Elearning

Select Training Library

Select SLS Aquatic Rescue - view courses

Choose SRC or Bronze (depending on which you are doing this year). Select Enrol. It is free.

You are now in the "My Training section

View - Bronze or SRC (depending on which you're enrolled in)

Now you will see 2 tabs - Theory (which you need to read prior to doing the assessments. Assessments (which you need to complete within the next 3 weeks).

Once you have completed all the assessments you can print up your certificate or if possible email/text it to Ruth.

We will have lots of fun, learn some things and you can become part of our Team. I look forward to being involved in your learning.

Ruth Hannett

Chief Training Officer

PDSLSC Training Officer

For more information and enquiries, please email

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